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Introducing: dashboard comments

A few days ago, Esteban announced that we would soon be adding comments for a more socially interactive dashboard. Today, I am pleased to announce that we have officially released commenting for your dashboard. You may be asking yourself “how do I use these comments?” Well, here are the two simple steps for commenting on items in your leads:

Step 1

Find the Todo, Note, or Document that you would like to comment on and click the “Comment” link.

Comment link

Step 2

The next step is to enter your comment into the text area provided and click the “Comment” button below your new comment. You will see your newly created comment appear under the selected item.

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Comments for a more socially interactive dashboard!

Comments Overview

For some time now we have been tweeting and talking about comments, getting the word out that they are coming to dashboard. Today I want to do a bit of an overview of what comments are and how to best use them to your advantage.

What are comments?

If you’re familiar with Facebook, then you know that this huge social network got huge because people are able to maintain conversations in the site based on a “comment” system. Comments are way for you to be able to keep the communication going within your sales team. Read more »

Now Live – Smart Filters. Filter your leads any way you want!

The need to be able to sort the leads in multiple ways has been one of our most requested features. We listened and implemented Smart Filters!

Why do you need them?
Lets say for example you have a sales team and each representative has a territory marked by states. With this new feature you can now filter your leads by state and easily deliver leads. Smart filters are dynamic! This means that they depend on the way you construct your forms using dashboard’s form builder. Smart filters are automatically created from the Drop down menus, Radio and Checkbox selections that you chose to include in your custom form.

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dashboard has a great form builder

Probably one of our most powerful features, the form builder, allows our customers to create, edit and share web forms without any kind of programing knowledge. Website forms are a great way to capture and qualify sales information and generate leads. We encourage you to use this feature to enhance your website and make it “Lead Generation” enabled.

The Form Builder

Our customer are coming from all sorts of industries, financial, education, insurance and many others. Their needs for sales data (lead data) is different in every case so “custom fields” is a great feature our customers now enjoy. We didn’t want to simply enable them to add custom fields to the forms, we wanted to build something much greater and easy to use.
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dashboard is a great lead management web application

Dashboard is a Simple Web Based Software that can be customized to assure the proper set up of lead management system specifically for your company. Dashboard provides the most effective and efficient lead management which helps ease the work of converting such leads into deals. The tone of the relationship that your business will have with your soon-to-be-client is set during the first stages of contact with them. Dashboard has the tools available for your company to provide the best customer service possible in order to establish such relationship for future business.

Dashboard’s large capacity of storage enables you to record every single detail that pertains to your prospects and clients in an organized manner customized to your company’s needs, making it easier to gather information quickly when needed. This will enable your company to accomplish more future sales with existing clients. Lead tracking is another advantage of dashboard. Dashboard makes it easier for you to recognize potential leads. It also enables you to capture more leads by giving you the power of customizing your landing page through the software.

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Tech overloading the weekend

I woke up this Saturday morning and one of the first things I thought to do was check my email. Why?

I don’t know.

Was I expecting to have something really great in one of my inboxes? (I currently have 14 on my iPhone) I guess I was. The tech age has transformed me into a email checking, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, finance monitoring, web ad tracking, phone call dialing, texting fiend.

My daily tasks are diverse helping to run a few small companies in size from 5 people to 20 people, LeadLog being the newest and maker of dashboard lead management software.

While it does sound like a lot, monitoring many different things and communicating through all the channels does start to make sense in today’s business world. But, on Saturday morning do I really need to check my email? Maybe I’m hoping someone has stayed up late working on some multi-national, multi-conglomerate project that will cause such an influx of business it will not only change my weekend but the rest of my professional career.

I don’t think so.

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5 Tips to holding your ground in any market

Hi, I run a few companies in varying industries. I’ve written up a few tips for anyone looking to hold their ground.

  1. Do what you say you are going to do.
    When promising a customer with expectations, don’t let them down. It may be your last time. You are better off not saying anything unless you will actually be able to accomplish it.
  2. Treat each customer like they are your only customer.
    There is a sense of “satisfaction” when you reach a level of sales and income that you are content with. After we reach it we tend to become looser on our standards and customer service. Remember how you got to where you are, because someone else will fill your place.
  3. Innovate, Innovate, Innovate, Then Create.
    We don’t have to invent something to have a growing business, but we do need to put a twist on it to stand out above the rest. After you start to become a market leader, then you must create or be creative in marketing to hold your market share. Don’t let a sense of “satisfaction” kick in and become complacent.
  4. Spend like you’re always broke.
    Forcing yourself to shop around for better deals will remind you how hard it is to make money and how easy it is to spend it. Your employees will appreciate your responsibility to having a healthy business that can make those “big ticket” purchases when you need to.
  5. Advertise, advertise, and then do even more advertising.
    The last budget you want to cut is advertising. Cut it out, and you may have just as well started to dig your own grave. Someone else will take your spot, and they will surpass your business. Refer to Tip #4 to make sure you have an advertising budget.

dashboard has a memory

Here’s an enhancement to make life a little bit easier. We have gotten numerous request for this update and we decided to go ahead and make it happen! Here is what we’ve done:

dashboard displays 50 leads per page by default. If you have 1000 leads you will have 20 pages full of leads. if you are working on page 4 and you click to see the detail profile of a lead to enter note or schedule a to-do, when you come back to your leads listing page dashboard will remember the page you were in.

This is extremely useful for our customers cause they won’t have to spend time going from page to page to get back to the page they were working.

Enjoy this new little piece of heaven!