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Introducing: dashboard comments

A few days ago, Esteban announced that we would soon be adding comments for a more socially interactive dashboard. Today, I am pleased to announce that we have officially released commenting for your dashboard. You may be asking yourself “how do I use these comments?” Well, here are the two simple steps for commenting on items in your leads:

Step 1

Find the Todo, Note, or Document that you would like to comment on and click the “Comment” link.

Comment link

Step 2

The next step is to enter your comment into the text area provided and click the “Comment” button below your new comment. You will see your newly created comment appear under the selected item.

Comment textarea Read more »

Comments for a more socially interactive dashboard!

Comments Overview

For some time now we have been tweeting and talking about comments, getting the word out that they are coming to dashboard. Today I want to do a bit of an overview of what comments are and how to best use them to your advantage.

What are comments?

If you’re familiar with Facebook, then you know that this huge social network got huge because people are able to maintain conversations in the site based on a “comment” system. Comments are way for you to be able to keep the communication going within your sales team. Read more »

5 Tips to holding your ground in any market

Hi, I run a few companies in varying industries. I’ve written up a few tips for anyone looking to hold their ground.

  1. Do what you say you are going to do.
    When promising a customer with expectations, don’t let them down. It may be your last time. You are better off not saying anything unless you will actually be able to accomplish it.
  2. Treat each customer like they are your only customer.
    There is a sense of “satisfaction” when you reach a level of sales and income that you are content with. After we reach it we tend to become looser on our standards and customer service. Remember how you got to where you are, because someone else will fill your place.
  3. Innovate, Innovate, Innovate, Then Create.
    We don’t have to invent something to have a growing business, but we do need to put a twist on it to stand out above the rest. After you start to become a market leader, then you must create or be creative in marketing to hold your market share. Don’t let a sense of “satisfaction” kick in and become complacent.
  4. Spend like you’re always broke.
    Forcing yourself to shop around for better deals will remind you how hard it is to make money and how easy it is to spend it. Your employees will appreciate your responsibility to having a healthy business that can make those “big ticket” purchases when you need to.
  5. Advertise, advertise, and then do even more advertising.
    The last budget you want to cut is advertising. Cut it out, and you may have just as well started to dig your own grave. Someone else will take your spot, and they will surpass your business. Refer to Tip #4 to make sure you have an advertising budget.

New Getdashboard.com Launched!

We have launched our new front page!

New things to look for:

  • Webinar Sign Up
  • Industry specific information pages – more to come
  • Updated tour page
  • Form Builder
  • API – Integrate shareable lead form

Update! dashboard is getting you more organized.

Here's a quick recap of what's new:

  • The new to-do’s page
  • The late to-do’s notifications
  • A new and improved lead detail status bar
  • Some to-do’s bug fixes
  • Several front-end performance optimizations
  • A fix for the Internet Explorer 7 login issue

This update took place Thursday March 11, 2010 after hours.

What’s wrong with emailing leads?

Emailing leads seems like an easy and functional way to deliver prospects to sales teams. However, the truth is, emailing leads increases missed opportunities. Your clients expect fresh leads with high conversion rates. A lead contact will enter their information into a form and they expect a fast response. In the time it takes to compile and email a series of leads many obstacles can prevent them from ever converting.

Delivering leads directly from capture to your client’s accounts helps make sure potential customers are contacted in a timely manner. With dashboard, a salesperson is notified as new leads arrive so they can make contact, set up to-dos, upload documents, make notes and close the deal before anyone else does.

nobody cares about your stupid secret sauce

Let me start by saying that “there is nothing new under the sun”. There is innovation and creativity. To say that you have a secret sauce and if you want it then you have to pay for it, sounds really stupid to me.

As a business owner more specifically as a web application designer, I always strive to create something unique and innovative, somehow I want to leave a mark on this world but there is no secret to what we do. We apply existing technology, concepts, strategies in creative ways. That’s it.

There is no secret sauce. I think it is an insult to our customers. Customers don’t come to us or to you because you have some sort of secret sauce, they come to you because they like you. People do business with people they like, that’s never going to change. Businesses should focus more on things that don’t change.

So you created a piece of software or a product and it just happens to become popular. That’s great! Now, don’t screw it up by saying that you’ve discover some sort of secret. That’s a cheap marketing strategy. Rather, be transparent about your process, and customers will trust you because of it.

At the end of the day, nobody cares about your secret sauce, everybody cares about the same basic things:

  1. Does your product solve my problem?
  2. Can I afford it?
  3. Is it fast and reliable?
  4. Are you going to take care of me when I have a problem?

These basic things don’t change for any business, focus on them and don’t worry about your stupid secrets, nobody cares about them anyways.

And FYI, if someone wants to screw you by taking your idea, they are going to do it regardless of you keeping it a secret or not.

minimalists we are. simple we are not.

Minimalists at heart, simplicity is our thought process,

A good way to maintain a good clean application is to think with simplicity.¬†Only put in what is necessary to get the job done. I’ve thought about our approach and question it all the time, because it is so simple how can it get the job done. But it does, over and over we get positive feedback that we have helped unravel the¬†complications in the lead/sales process.

I had a meeting yesterday with LeadLog’s admin people and a prominent angel investor for feedback. The conclusions we got were, we have a lot of work to do. This hasn’t turned anyone off though, we know it and we are the first to admit it. The minimalist in me says, life’s too short not to make things better. We believe in incremental changes all the time in the way we run the company, our lives, or our products. Most things we change aren’t so noticeable at first. That’s a good thing in our minds because we’re not trying to introduce a new model car every year, we’re building a rig built to last for the long haul.

There will be more add-ons and tid bits in the system as it progresses and some big what ifs will come as well. Give our simple way of approaching things a second look as we continue on this journey together.