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Now Live – Smart Filters. Filter your leads any way you want!

The need to be able to sort the leads in multiple ways has been one of our most requested features. We listened and implemented Smart Filters!

Why do you need them?
Lets say for example you have a sales team and each representative has a territory marked by states. With this new feature you can now filter your leads by state and easily deliver leads. Smart filters are dynamic! This means that they depend on the way you construct your forms using dashboard’s form builder. Smart filters are automatically created from the Drop down menus, Radio and Checkbox selections that you chose to include in your custom form.

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dashboard has a great form builder

Probably one of our most powerful features, the form builder, allows our customers to create, edit and share web forms without any kind of programing knowledge. Website forms are a great way to capture and qualify sales information and generate leads. We encourage you to use this feature to enhance your website and make it “Lead Generation” enabled.

The Form Builder

Our customer are coming from all sorts of industries, financial, education, insurance and many others. Their needs for sales data (lead data) is different in every case so “custom fields” is a great feature our customers now enjoy. We didn’t want to simply enable them to add custom fields to the forms, we wanted to build something much greater and easy to use.
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dashboard is a great lead management web application

Dashboard is a Simple Web Based Software that can be customized to assure the proper set up of lead management system specifically for your company. Dashboard provides the most effective and efficient lead management which helps ease the work of converting such leads into deals. The tone of the relationship that your business will have with your soon-to-be-client is set during the first stages of contact with them. Dashboard has the tools available for your company to provide the best customer service possible in order to establish such relationship for future business.

Dashboard’s large capacity of storage enables you to record every single detail that pertains to your prospects and clients in an organized manner customized to your company’s needs, making it easier to gather information quickly when needed. This will enable your company to accomplish more future sales with existing clients. Lead tracking is another advantage of dashboard. Dashboard makes it easier for you to recognize potential leads. It also enables you to capture more leads by giving you the power of customizing your landing page through the software.

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dashboard has a memory

Here’s an enhancement to make life a little bit easier. We have gotten numerous request for this update and we decided to go ahead and make it happen! Here is what we’ve done:

dashboard displays 50 leads per page by default. If you have 1000 leads you will have 20 pages full of leads. if you are working on page 4 and you click to see the detail profile of a lead to enter note or schedule a to-do, when you come back to your leads listing page dashboard will remember the page you were in.

This is extremely useful for our customers cause they won’t have to spend time going from page to page to get back to the page they were working.

Enjoy this new little piece of heaven!

LeadLog exhibiting at LeadsCon Las Vegas 2010

We are hitting the road and heading for Vegas! We are about to unveil dashboard’s biggest update yet to our sales lead management system.

Our developers have been working very hard on making dashboard even better.

We will be featuring our new forms, lead plugger Api, and new to-do sections.

We welcome all of those attending LeadsCon to come and see us. www.leadscon.com

dashboard Support has gone !live!

It’s been a fun couple of months expounding on all the finer points of dashboard for the much anticipated launch of our support section. As of last night, the official dashboard support section is LIVE! Of course, with so many new features being created to simplify the lives of our loyal customers, I’ll have a lot more to write about with each new release. I hope our customers enjoy perusing the section as much as I loved creating it. Many thanks to Jason for his elegant and efficient styling. If it weren’t for him all of our lists would have cupcakes for bullets and our “back to top” graphics would be unicorn heads.

As always, your questions and feedback are welcome. Check out the new pages at http://www.getdashboard.com/support/index.php

Update – December 2009…

Ok… I will concede to the fact that this update has taken us a while and rather than try to explain why, I’m going to jump right into what’s important to you.

On Thursday, December 17th, we are pushing a new update of dashboard.

As many of you already know, we have gone paid and we are extremely thankful to everybody that has been with us since the beginning and is still using our app for their day-to-day sales activities. Please know that we are working extremely hard to make dashboard the best sales lead management software there is. We understand how important your sales leads are and we want to help you make the most out of them.

New Updates :

Navigation Update

  • dashboard link gone missing The first thing you will see when you login into dashboard is all your fabulous leads. The thought process comes from the fact that dashboard is a Sales Lead Management Application. We found that when our customers login, they would much rather see their leads than anything else.
  • + Plus add lead button – Add new leads with the + plus on the left of the navigation bar. Our thought behind this was, make it more obvious.

Lead Listing Update

  1. Enhanced Filters – This is a big enhancement – Jason has been working on this for a while and it is starting to look really good. When you select a filter, a visual helper appears so that you can understand what you are filtering by. After you have selected a specific filter, you can remove them one by one or all of them.
  2. Enhanced Lead Actions – The action drop-down is now always visible. The actions button allows you to perform mass activities on different leads all at the same time. You can now Mass Delete, Mass Re-Assign and Mass Share Leads.
  3. Latest Actions - You can now hit the “Latest Action” button and dashboard will chronologically list the newest/oldest activities. Since we have taken the dashboard page away, we understand that you would like to have some sort of idea of what kind of actions users are taking on the system in a date/time order.
  4. Tags are back! – I know some of you will be extremely happy and pleased with this comeback. You can see a quick view of them from the screen shot above. See more about this update below.
  5. We’ve cleaned up the clutter – We’ve taken out some unnecessary columns of the main lead listing view. Why? Simply because filters enable you to visualize your leads in a much easier way.

Lead Page Updates

  • To-Do Templates - For those of us that are a little lazy, the ability to apply a preexisting to-do template to any lead is now possible with a click of your mouse.  To-Do templates are created in the settings area. There is also a small face lift to manually adding to-dos; friendlier and cleaner date selection.
  • Tags are back and better than ever! – I know some of you will be extremely happy and pleased with this comeback. Tags are more customizable. You will be able to edit them from within a lead/deal or from the settings area, and the best part is…You will be able to choose the color for each tag that you created!
  • New look for a leads info – A refresh for your eyes…no screen shot for this one, check it out for yourself.

What’s next:

We are going to push some updates that will make you love us even more!

  • API Progress Update – Yes the wait will be over for our API…soon enough…
  • Chrome for mac support
  • Something Secret…

P.S. By the way, we will be exhibiting at the Las Vegas LeadsCon 2010 Leads Trade Show, February 23 and 24 to hook up with lead providers so we can start offering you your industry leads in real time.

Getting to know dashboard

Hi. I’m Jason, a new member of the team behind dashboard. I’ll be working on the UI/UX side of things here. Having spent the past few weeks getting to know dashboard, I can say that I’m very excited to be onboard with everyone here at LeadLog.

More to come soon!