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Weekly updates… start getting used to them.

Quick word from the dashboard crew. For the passed 2 weeks we’ve been hard at work and we are glad to push this small but powerful update:

Printing Leads
Dashboard now looks pretty even on print. You can now print leads by going to the properties section of the leads. We have created a clean and simple layout for leads to be printed. We are committed to saving trees and we do take this initiative seriously, so please be responsible when printing leads.

Who accessed that lead and when?
For your security we added a feature to accounts that have more than one user. You’ll now be able to tell who last access a lead and when. Just a nice security feature – which is available when you have more than 1 person in your account.

Lead History
Yet another useful feature. This is specially good for collaboration when you want to get an idea of what has been happening with a lead. This little link will give you a quick overview of all the activities that dashboard tracks. It’s located at the bottom of the “quickies” section.

E-mail notifications
Which can all be toggled on & off from your user profile page. We are letting you know when you have a new lead shared with you or assigned to you by default. If you want to get more notifications you can turn them on there as well.

Scheduled downtime – May 12 @ 5PM EST

We have a scheduled down time this evening to update our servers with the newest version of dashboard.

We expect a short window of downtime – approximately 15-20 minutes from 5 to 5:15PM EST. Please make sure you complete any necessary tasks by 4:45 to ensure none of your data goes missing. Thanks!

dashboard and the leads section.

Wondering what dashboard’s leads section looks like? Take a look at the screen below. This is a screen shot of the leads page. The bold leads haven’t been touched yet, the rest have either been looked at or distributed and someone has taken a look or interacted with them. Every lead has a name, a “Lead Name”. We are displaying them in chronological order by default (latest received lead on top, but you can sort the headers by latest activity, alphabetical lead name, lead type)

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