Convert Leads into Deals.

dashboard and the leads section.

Wondering what dashboard’s leads section looks like? Take a look at the screen below. This is a screen shot of the leads page. The bold leads haven’t been touched yet, the rest have either been looked at or distributed and someone has taken a look or interacted with them. Every lead has a name, a “Lead Name”. We are displaying them in chronological order by default (latest received lead on top, but you can sort the headers by latest activity, alphabetical lead name, lead type)

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Overwhelming beta signup response.

First of all, I want to take a second to thank all of you who signed up to test dashboard, our lead management platform. I can’t describe how excited I am about this, I look like a little kid that has just discovered chocolate. We are looking at December 15th for the Beta launch date.

When we set up our blog, we thought we were going to have a slow organic growth. The blog has been up for a week now. I am very happy to announce that we have well over 200 beta testers signed up. Initially, we really wanted only 50. We haven’t made a decision yet as to how we are going to handle all of you. Though we are really excited, we want to make sure that we accommodate everybody so that we can gather an even greater feedback count.

I want to thank everybody for showing interest and we’re looking forward to pushing out the best product to help you all close more deals. If you haven’t yet signed up as a beta tester, click here or visit, www.leadlogsys.com

A quick look at dashboard.

Here at LeadLog, we’re hard at work. We’ve been working on dashboard for some time now and have recently entered private beta. This comes only after lots of refactoring, countless UI restructures and enough bug squashing that you could call us Orkin. We figured we’d drop a little taste out here to lure some new beta testers for our next round of testing (Dec 15th).

Why should you sign up? Do you run a web development/design business? What about a consultancy? Do you still use paper to get people’s number and follow up with them for a sale? Carrying around rubber band stacks of business cards? Are you currently using Zoho CRM? Salesforce? Sugar CRM or some other complex application to manage your leads?

We’re trying to kill the pain of the using complex software or not using software at all (for lead management). If you think you’re up to the challenge, sign up here.

dashboard the app, stupid friendly lead management

Dashboard (actually “dashboard”, with a lower case d) is a lead management platform. Correction, dashboard is a really cool lead management platform. What does this mean? well, let me start painting the picture by saying that there isn’t a lot of software out there that handles the “origination” part of a deal. I would probably say there is more “custom software” to manage leads, than “out of the box” or “saas” software. There are a few competitors out there. (may be more than I know) but, understand, this is Lead Management, not lead nurturing or CRM’s.

Let’s take the health Insurance industries as an example, (a healthy growing industry by the way). Health insurance companies generate lots of leads on a daily basis, not counting the amount of leads generated and re-sold by lead gen companies. So, we are talking about thousands of leads that a particular company would go though each day. Let’s say a small health insurance office has around 10 sales reps on the phone calling people (leads) all day long, would go through about 500 to 600 leads a day.

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Getting a better picture of our company

There has been a lot of discussion in regards to my last post, “How to get a job working on Dashboard” (which is now: “‘How not to get a job working on Dashboard”). We were twittered, discussed and responded to in a rather… ferocious fashion. I feel like people misinterpreted the post entirely and there a few things I’d like to set straight and put into context.

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budgeting for new team members.

Hi, there has been some debate over Auston’s post. We are trying to hire a great individual first and foremost, someone that can share the vision, has a great personality and a great skill set. I guarantee, when we find that person, we are going to pay a fair amount of money to them.  We do not take advantage of anybody.

This leads me to my point: We are a start up, we are trying to build a business from nothing to a successful enterprise that delivers an excellent product (I will post on the product in the near future). We have been self funding this company so far and recently had our first successful round of angel funding. We are not done with this round!  We have a limited amount of resources to work with and no more - we have to work with what is in the bank. Sometimes, your budget only allows you to spend so much for a position, and no more.

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How not to get a job working on Dashboard

We’re currently looking for Web Developers here at LeadLog to work on Dashboard. If you know anyone… send them our way! We received tons of spam in response to our job ads on Startuply, Krop, Craigslist & Career Builder. We’re also placing ads on SnapTalent, 37Signals & Monster, but we’ll save that for another post.

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The long awaited dashboard is almost here!

So much for a quick 2 month deployment and a really exciting couple of months (that obviously didn’t happen). We started working on dashboard about a year and a half ago. I started playing around with the idea of a simple (and I mean dead simple) lead management application, the idea evolved into conversations with Jared and eventually, when he realized we were onto something, we sat down with Norman. I presented the current problem: poor or non existent software for lead management. I really mean just the origination of any deal (not the CRM part). Read more »