Convert Leads into Deals.

Why are we taking freaking forever to push updates to dashboard?

Because we’re working harder than ever to make improvements!

Hi Everyone…to keep this post/news update simple, I’ll make it short-n-sweet-n-to-the-point. We’ve hit some stumbling stones while developing some of the features and improvements that we have planned for dashboard.

We have hired additional developers and are bringing them up to speed. As many of you already know, this is a tedious process and it takes time for the new guys to get going with understanding the app and even our codes structure.

We are certainly hoping to get back to our regular weekly/bi-weekly PUSH schedule within 3-4 weeks.


UPDATE: we are going to be hiring 2 additional developers within the next 15 days. One front-end and one back-end for a total of 4 developers! Expect us to start flying through updates!

So what’s going on at LeadLog

We have been quiet for a while and with some good reasons. We are working hard to get some important updates shipped as soon as possible.

These updates include:

  • Custom Lead Types support. (have as many forms and custom fields as you want)
  • Custom Lead Identifier selection (a popular feature request. Select how you’d like to view and search leads by)
  • Multiple actions in the lead and deals section (you’ll be able to delete, assign, share, etc multiple leads at the same time)
  • The first iteration of our API to handle web-to-dashboard.
  • Working on a paid version (more info to follow this)

We want to take this opportunity to thank everybody that has been with us since day one. You’ve helped us build dashboard to what it is today. We are working diligently to make dashboard the one tool you can’t live without.

So, what else is new? We are hiring!
Yes, we are going at it again! In an effort to get our product development moving forward we are in need of a couple of talented folks:

  • We are looking for a Back-End Guru. We need one or two individuals that can quickly become familiar with what we have going on here and help us make our app a better one. Check this out for more info.
  • We also need a UI Guru. Simply put, if you like our current UI and you think you can do it better, then here is where you belong. Check this out for more details
  • Lastly, we have one internship position open for someone with knowledge of technical writing. We have to start documenting our software and creating help documents.