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Welcome Steven and Jorge to the team.

Hey, quick word to introduce our newest developers, Jorge and Steven. Look forward to some of their post soon. You may not see much from them initially cause we are all really trying to push out some amazing features that you guys have requested. I really think that these ones are really going to improve your work-flow and make you love dashboard even more.

So, Jorge is going to be working with Jason, on UI/UX and Steven is going to be working on the back-end, things like database development, data management, etc. We are glad to have them join our family.

Update on our offices… We were supposed to move in last week but looks like it will be very soon!

Getting to know dashboard

Hi. I’m Jason, a new member of the team behind dashboard.¬†I’ll be working on the UI/UX side of things here. Having¬†spent the past few weeks getting to know dashboard, I can say that I’m very excited to be onboard with everyone here at LeadLog.

More to come soon!