Convert Leads into Deals.

minimalists we are. simple we are not.

Minimalists at heart, simplicity is our thought process,

A good way to maintain a good clean application is to think with simplicity. Only put in what is necessary to get the job done. I’ve thought about our approach and question it all the time, because it is so simple how can it get the job done. But it does, over and over we get positive feedback that we have helped unravel the complications in the lead/sales process.

I had a meeting yesterday with LeadLog’s admin people and a prominent angel investor for feedback. The conclusions we got were, we have a lot of work to do. This hasn’t turned anyone off though, we know it and we are the first to admit it. The minimalist in me says, life’s too short not to make things better. We believe in incremental changes all the time in the way we run the company, our lives, or our products. Most things we change aren’t so noticeable at first. That’s a good thing in our minds because we’re not trying to introduce a new model car every year, we’re building a rig built to last for the long haul.

There will be more add-ons and tid bits in the system as it progresses and some big what ifs will come as well. Give our simple way of approaching things a second look as we continue on this journey together.

LeadLog’s new offices

We have moved into our new offices and boy are we happy!

Your office is your home away from home so that’s why we have spent a lot of effort making our new home cozy and productive. We’ve got a great crew working behind the scenes bringing some great things to come.

LeadLog has gone stealth…

We’ve gone stealth. (for a little bit)

Yes, that means we are deep into development and we have some exciting new things coming up!

We’re very happy with the feedback from all of our beta users. Keep them coming, we appreciate the feedback submissions, e-mails, and phone calls. Please keep letting us know how we are doing.

There will be good things to come…