Convert Leads into Deals.

What’s wrong with emailing leads?

Emailing leads seems like an easy and functional way to deliver prospects to sales teams. However, the truth is, emailing leads increases missed opportunities. Your clients expect fresh leads with high conversion rates. A lead contact will enter their information into a form and they expect a fast response. In the time it takes to compile and email a series of leads many obstacles can prevent them from ever converting.

Delivering leads directly from capture to your client’s accounts helps make sure potential customers are contacted in a timely manner. With dashboard, a salesperson is notified as new leads arrive so they can make contact, set up to-dos, upload documents, make notes and close the deal before anyone else does.

LeadLog exhibiting at LeadsCon Las Vegas 2010

We are hitting the road and heading for Vegas! We are about to unveil dashboard’s biggest update yet to our sales lead management system.

Our developers have been working very hard on making dashboard even better.

We will be featuring our new forms, lead plugger Api, and new to-do sections.

We welcome all of those attending LeadsCon to come and see us. www.leadscon.com