Convert Leads into Deals.

dashboard has a great form builder

Probably one of our most powerful features, the form builder, allows our customers to create, edit and share web forms without any kind of programing knowledge. Website forms are a great way to capture and qualify sales information and generate leads. We encourage you to use this feature to enhance your website and make it “Lead Generation” enabled.

The Form Builder

Our customer are coming from all sorts of industries, financial, education, insurance and many others. Their needs for sales data (lead data) is different in every case so “custom fields” is a great feature our customers now enjoy. We didn’t want to simply enable them to add custom fields to the forms, we wanted to build something much greater and easy to use.
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dashboard is a great lead management web application

Dashboard is a Simple Web Based Software that can be customized to assure the proper set up of lead management system specifically for your company. Dashboard provides the most effective and efficient lead management which helps ease the work of converting such leads into deals. The tone of the relationship that your business will have with your soon-to-be-client is set during the first stages of contact with them. Dashboard has the tools available for your company to provide the best customer service possible in order to establish such relationship for future business.

Dashboard’s large capacity of storage enables you to record every single detail that pertains to your prospects and clients in an organized manner customized to your company’s needs, making it easier to gather information quickly when needed. This will enable your company to accomplish more future sales with existing clients. Lead tracking is another advantage of dashboard. Dashboard makes it easier for you to recognize potential leads. It also enables you to capture more leads by giving you the power of customizing your landing page through the software.

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