Convert Leads into Deals.

How dashboard handles your leads

First, let’s start by defining what a lead is: “A lead is a set of data that contains some type of contact information.”

Leads in dashboard are treated as a set of data to which you can attach reminders, notes, and files. Eventually, through the use of dashboard apps you’ll be able to do way more interesting things with any particular data set/lead.

So, let me give you a simple example. Dashboard comes with one default lead type, the “General” lead type. This set of data includes: First name, Last Name, etc, Company Info, Address & Contact Info.

Dashboard enables multiple lead types to be handled within an account. This is great for multiple product vendors out there. For example, if you are a web design company and you need to collect  different lead types, say e-commerce leads, database development leads, and Informational website leads, you can manage them all within one dashboard account.

Coming soon, you will be able to select from a catalog of lead types containing leads that make the mortgage, insurance, web design industry and others happy. Oh and by the way, once we enable our API you’ll be able to create your own lead types.

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  1. Ben

    When will the API be available?

  2. Esteban

    It’s in the works. It’s coming soon.

  3. San Diego Real Estate

    Just looking at your site on my new Jack Phone , and I wanted to see if it would let me comment or if it was going to me go to a full pc to do that. Ill check back later to see if it worked.

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