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dashboard has a memory

Here’s an enhancement to make life a little bit easier. We have gotten numerous request for this update and we decided to go ahead and make it happen! Here is what we’ve done:

dashboard displays 50 leads per page by default. If you have 1000 leads you will have 20 pages full of leads. if you are working on page 4 and you click to see the detail profile of a lead to enter note or schedule a to-do, when you come back to your leads listing page dashboard will remember the page you were in.

This is extremely useful for our customers cause they won’t have to spend time going from page to page to get back to the page they were working.

Enjoy this new little piece of heaven!

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  1. Robert D.

    Thank you guys!!! I have been waiting for this feature for a while now. Great Job guys. Jeep it up. What about reporting?

  2. Jared

    Reporting is on its way!

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