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dashboard has a great form builder

Probably one of our most powerful features, the form builder, allows our customers to create, edit and share web forms without any kind of programing knowledge. Website forms are a great way to capture and qualify sales information and generate leads. We encourage you to use this feature to enhance your website and make it “Lead Generation” enabled.

The Form Builder

Our customer are coming from all sorts of industries, financial, education, insurance and many others. Their needs for sales data (lead data) is different in every case so “custom fields” is a great feature our customers now enjoy. We didn’t want to simply enable them to add custom fields to the forms, we wanted to build something much greater and easy to use.

Our form builder enables a customer with no knowledge of any programming language to create a form and if they want, place it on a website or any other place like facebook, twitter, etc. This is great because our customers are not web developers, most of our customer don’t even have much experience with computers, they use dashboard for its simple user interface, ease of use and it gets the job done. Once the forms are submitted by the prospect (lead), the information is automagicly posted into dashboard. This is awesome because no time is spent on data entry.

With the form builder customers can create any kind of forms. Some customers are using our forms to collect leads/prospects, others to collect survey data, schools are using it to create signup forms for classes and even government is using dashboard forms to collect community members’ information.

As of right now we allow our customers to create as many forms as they want. So go ahead and have fun, create a form today and start seeing the power of dashboard, a simple tool with a lot of powerful features. If you don’t have an account click here and get one and if you already do, click here, login and have fun!

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to visit our support section or contact customer service. We love to talk to our customers, we learn so much when they call us!

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