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Comments for a more socially interactive dashboard!

Comments Overview

For some time now we have been tweeting and talking about comments, getting the word out that they are coming to dashboard. Today I want to do a bit of an overview of what comments are and how to best use them to your advantage.

What are comments?

If you’re familiar with Facebook, then you know that this huge social network got huge because people are able to maintain conversations in the site based on a “comment” system. Comments are way for you to be able to keep the communication going within your sales team. Sometimes communication fails because we are too lazy to send out an email to a colleague to let them know of something or make that phone call to update them. They are the activities people tend to delay because they don’t want to get snagged by the ‘communication’ part of an update.  Comments are an easy way of keeping people posted or getting a message across without interrupting you or your associate’s work flow. By using comments, you won’t have to open your email program to ask Jeremy Smitherson how his call to the client went. Instead, you can now simply add a comment.

Using comments to your advantage!

Comments are used to write follow ups to conversations which are tied to specific actions (see screen shot below). They are a great way to write notes about how a meeting went or even to start a new conversation with a colleague based on an activity such as a note being added to a lead or the uploading of a document. It isn’t always convenient to explain why an action has been performed, especially on a play by play basis, but using the commenting system will allow you to describe pertinent information about an activity quickly, while you’re in the flow. Keep in mind, however, that each time you add a comment, a notification email is sent to the users involve in the conversation. If the emails grow cumbersome (commenting can get addictive!), don’t worry… you’re able to turn this notification off from your profile page.

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    [...] few days ago, Esteban announced that we would soon be adding comments for a more socially interactive dashboard. Today, I am pleased to announce that we have officially released commenting for your dashboard. [...]

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